Stern Math News and Updates

New version of the Decinny Game now available

Posted December 20, 2016

Decinny GameWe’re excited to announce that a new-and-improved version of our Decinny Game is now available! This large, wooden board splits into three pieces for easy storage and includes beautiful, detailed pictures. New, larger cards are made from heavy cardstock in bright green and blue. As always, instructions for playing several games are also included.

Decinny games are designed to help students understand the concepts and relationships of common fractions, fractions in hundredths, decimals, and percentages as they relate to one another and to the common parts of a dollar. Learn more about the Decinny Game here.

Teach “teen” numbers with the Doubles and Neighbors Board


Doubles and Neighbors BoardAfter mastering combinations of numbers up to ten, have children move on to learning “teen” numbers with the Doubles and Neighbors Board! Children have an easier time learning the double facts (6+6=12, etc.) than the odd number facts. The doubles serve to anchor the children. The neighbor combinations are one more than the double facts. 6+7 is one more than 6+6. Learn more about the Doubles and Neighbors Board here.

Carroll School math teacher training

Posted June 22, 2016

carrollmathCarroll School in Lincoln, MA is offering a series of summer math workshops for teachers August 15-19. The Carroll math curriculum includes Stern Math materials for teaching early number sense, as well as a variety of other materials and methods. This school focuses on elementary and middle school students with learning disabilities in reading and writing, such as dyslexia.

Read descriptions of the workshops here (PDF) and get the registration form here (PDF). For more information, please contact Ann French at  (781)-314-9730 or

Reminder: Stern Math Summer workshop in NYC!

Posted June 19, 2016

Register today: Limited spots available!

This summer, learn how to use Stern Math materials more effectively in your classroom: Attend a teacher training session in NYC July 11-15, 2016!

View the registration form (PDF) »

Learn more about the workshops »

Used partial Set A available

Posted June 13, 2016

One of our customers has used materials to sell! Here is a list of the available books and manipulatives:

  • Structural Arithmetic I
  • Structural Arithmetic I Teacher’s Guide and Answer Key
  • Experimenting with Numbers: Teacher’s Guide
  • Counting Board with blocks and markers
  • Additional set of number markers (0-10 and plus, minus, equal)
  • Pattern Boards
  • One Hundred 1-blocks (single cubes)
  • 10-Box filled with number blocks
  • Number Boxes 1-9

Note: The Equation Template and 50 Green 1-blocks are NOT available. Asking price is $100. Everything is in excellent condition and comes from a smoke-free home. Please contact Karyn Harrelson directly at