Over the past several years Fred Stern and Temple Ary have helped me learn about the wonderful Stern Math program. I can say with confidence that Stern Math offers the best manipulatives I know of for teaching math to young children. The Stern materials, with their carefully planned activities, are brilliantly engineered to afford the learning of both concepts and procedures, and arranged in an intellectually coherent sequence that respects both the child and the mathematics.

Herb Ginsburg, Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Psychology and Education
Columbia University Teachers College

Stern Structural Arithmetic has helped our most struggling students develop their conceptual understanding of basic number sense and operations by improving their ability to identify and predict patterns in numbers.

Middle School Teacher
Uncommon School, Brooklyn, NY

I've been using Stern materials with students in grades K-3 for three years now and have seen my students' number sense progress exponentially! Stern provides a concrete visual to attach to the otherwise abstract concept of numbers, taking students through all stages of understanding – from understanding that each block (and therefore number) has its place and decomposing numbers, to place value and multiplication. The manipulatives themselves are so intuitive and easy to use; they are easy for any teacher to implement in their classroom, especially in a small group setting.

Stephanie Feinberg, Teacher
Harlem Success Academy

With Stern materials, math becomes interactive and exciting. Students' eyes light up when they walk in the room and the materials are on the table.

Gayle Porter Lewis, Math Department Chair
The Carroll School

Besides making my students excited and engaged learning math skills and number sense, the Stern materials provide the students with multisensory, hands-on activities and self discovery and exploration experiences. This conceptual approach follows a number of OG concepts of being structured, systematic, multi-sensory, spiraling back and ongoing assessments.

Grade 4 Teacher
The Carroll School

The Stern materials allow my students to become actively involved in learning math. They often choose to get the nesting boards to show me all the facts for a certain number and often ask to use the number line when we are adding. One of their favorite activities is to fill the pattern boards and show odd and even numbers. I am amazed by their own creative uses of the materials after I have introduced them. The materials are beautifully made and the children love using them.

Grade 3 Teacher
The Carroll School

I tutored a third grade student who, when I began working with her, counted on her fingers to solve all mathematical computation and dreaded the sight of numbers. She struggled to learn new math because her foundational skills were so weak. Her teachers tried everything and nothing worked. After two years of using Stern twice a week, she not only learned her addition and subtraction facts but also her multiplication and division facts. Her ability to reason with numbers improved and she was able to apply her skills when learning more complicated mathematical procedures. Working with these materials improved her attitude toward mathematics and helped build her confidence in her abilities.

Tutor Teacher
The Carroll School

For more than forty years the teachers of the Gateway School have enthusiastically and successfully used the Stern Structural Arithmetic Materials as the basic foundation of our mathematics program.

We work with children who need help to understand and visualize size, symbol and spatial relationships. Manipulating and experimenting with these concrete materials have enabled all of our children, beginning with our youngest, the five year olds, to learn how to problem solve and reason through different mathematical situations. Further, the use of these materials adds another 'hook' to help the child understand the complex language of mathematics.

Though over the years we have made some use of various other arithmetic programs, we have always kept the Stern Structural Arithmetic method as the basis of our mathematics program because we have found this to be the most successful method to use with our children.

Tonya Pulanco, Educational Director
Gateway School

In many years of study with children, Dr. Catherine Stern has developed tools and methods for the teaching of arithmetic in which genuine discovery in tasks of a structural nature plays an essential role. The results in learning – and in happiness – seem extraordinarily good as compared with the usual teaching by drill.

Max Wertheimer
From Productive Thinking

Dr. Stern's material, so carefully planned and ordered, amazed and delighted me. … I could see deliberately put into play every abstract property of the arithmetic operations to which a mathematician would give a technical term. That was more than I dreamed could be done.

Marguerite Lehr, Professor of Mathematics
Bryn Mawr College
From her introduction to the original edition of Children Discover Arithmetic