About our teacher trainers

Temple Ary, M.Ed.

Temple Ary received her Masters in Special Education from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA in 1982. She began her teaching career in Boston at the Carroll School for students with Dyslexia. She was a math specialist at The Ramaz Lower School in New York City prior to her retirement in 2018. There, she taught children from preschool through second grade and collaborated with teachers. She started working with Margaret Stern in 1992 when she was looking for a more effective way to teach math. She is constantly integrating and updating her strategies but considers Stern foundational. She has consulted and run workshops for teachers in public, charter, and private schools and done presentations for organizations like the IDA and NCTM. She tutors children individually as well.

Stephanie Feinberg, M.Ed.

Stephanie Feinberg received her M.Ed. in General and Special Education from New York University. Currently she is a math specialist in the Mamaroneck school district in Westchester, NY. Prior to this position, she taught special education in New York City. Stephanie believes in a multi-faceted approach to helping students develop a sense of numbers and operations, and incorporates strategies from Math in the City, Singapore Math, Cognitively Guided Instruction and Stern in her teaching. Stephanie has been using Stern in her classroom for six years, and has been facilitating teacher training workshops for the last five years.

KC Genzmer, Ed.M.

KC Genzmer has participated and assisted in Structural Arithmetic workshops for over ten years.  She is a school psychologist with an extensive private practice dealing with math students at all levels.

Alison Lankenau, M.Ed.

Alison Lankenau, M.Ed. has worked with Margaret Stern since 1982 presenting workshops and doing teacher training. Alison has a graduate education degree from Columbia Teachers College. She has been a teacher and administrator at the Nightingale-Bamford School, Berkeley Carroll School and currently is Director of Program at the Parkside School in New York. She has presented Stern Math Workshops at the Churchill Center as well as ATIS and NYB-IDA.

Olympia Shields, M.Ed.

Olympia T. Shields graduated from Vanderbilt University’s Peabody School of Education and received her M.Ed. from Boston University. Currently, she is the math coordinator at The Stephen Gaynor School, a school for students diagnosed with specific learning disabilities in reading and writing, such as dyslexia. Olympia has been conducting teacher training seminars in Stern Math for eight years and is currently working with teachers on synthesizing the Stern Structural Arithmetic and Singapore Math Curriculums. Olympia's constructivist approach uses questioning to promote a students ability to develop conceptual understanding and problem solving skills.

Margaret B. Stern, M.Ed.

Margaret Bassett met Catherine Stern in 1943. Her daughter, Toni, and Margaret were both attending Bank Street College of Education. It was through Toni that Margaret met Catherine Stern. Later in 1947, Margaret married Catherine's son, Fritz. Catherine, Margaret and Toni ran a nursery school called Castle School from 1944 to 1951 in order to demonstrate the math and reading materials.

Margaret B. Stern was a math consultant to the Gateway School, where Structural Arithmetic was further developed. She is co-author with Catherine Stern of Children Discover Arithmetic, and the Structural Arithmetic Teacher Guides and Workbooks 1965-66. She is co-author with Catherine Stern and Toni Gould of the Structural Reading series. She is author of Experimenting with Numbers 1988 and co-author with Stern and Gould of Structural Arithmetic and Teacher's Guides published by Educators Publishing Service, 1992. She is recipient of the Orton Dyslexia Society Award 1989 and of the Bank Street College of Education Award Outstanding Accomplishment in the Field of Education, 1998.