Stern Math Summer 2017 Workshops at the Parkside School

Developing Mathematical Foundations with Stern Structural Arithmetic

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Support your students’ development of number sense and understanding of the operations through the use of Stern Structural Arithmetic, a systematic, multi-sensory system that engages students as it helps them develop a concrete understanding of mathematical principles.

Clustered by grade level content aligned with Common Core standards, this two-part workshop over five half-days will strengthen teachers’ content knowledge, while enabling them to use Stern manipulatives strategically and effectively.

This interactive workshop series includes demonstrations of the Stern materials and activities, including games, student videos, and hands-on practice.

Part I: Building the Foundation

July 17-19: 1PM-4PM

Teachers will use Stern manipulatives to scaffold students’ understanding of and automaticity within 100 (aligned with K-2 Common Core standards).

Topics include: sequencing, addition, subtraction, place value, problem solving and money

Part II: Extending Place Value and Operations

July 20 and 21: 1PM-4PM

Participants will use Stern manipulatives to extend students’ understanding of numbers and operations to include multiplication, division and fractions (aligned with Grades 3-4 Common Core standards).

Topics include: multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and time

About the program

Stern Structural Arithmetic, developed by Catherine Stern, Margaret Stern and Toni Gould over six decades ago, allows students to discover the patterns and structures of our numerical systems through engaging manipulatives. Students will:

Stern has been extremely successful in supporting students with language processing and/or learning difficulties, as well as second language learners.


The Parkside School, 48 West 74th Street, New York, NY 10023

Dates & Fees

Part I: Building the Foundation

Sequencing, Addition and Subtraction within 100, Money
July 17, 18, 19: 1PM-4PM
Fee: $285

Part II: Extending Place Value and Operations

Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Time
July 20 and 21: 1PM-4PM
Fee: $195


Brochure and registration form (PDF)

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