Stern Math Workshops for Summer 2011: Build and Discover at Ramaz Lower School

Workshops for educators of nursery, preschool, and kindergarten children

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Give young children the structures and experiments that will enable them to:

“Action is more conducive to the formation of images than is mere perception” – Piaget

The Seminar

The best way for teachers to learn is to give them the opportunity to watch and practice lessons. During this workshop teachers will:

The Counting Board

The counting boardThe best way to teach the meaning of language is to give children the opportunity to see and touch what the words describe. When children have models to handle, their language becomes alive with meaning. As a result, positional words such as “before,” “after,” “between,” “one more than,” and “one less than” become concrete. Symbols are used as footprints to label and record the actions that the children perform. Using the counting board, children fit colorful number blocks into matching groves. With the same satisfaction as fitting a piece into a puzzle, children discover that each number has a place of its own in the series from 1-10.

The Pattern Boards

The pattern boardsInstead of experiencing the insecurity of counting random arrangements of blocks, and not knowing if they are counting correctly, children know they have succeeded when they fit a number of cubes into a pattern board. By viewing all the filled boards, children discover the characteristics of odd and even numbers. Constructing the patterns requires the integration from two different senses, sight and touch. Children learn to  recognize each pattern of numbers 1-10.

The 10-Box

The ten boxMany mathematicians describe mathematical thinking as spatial and visual. In the 10-box, children fit together pairs of number blocks that total ten. As they discover the combinations, children learn to reason for themselves. Each time a child puts a block into the box, they measure with their eyes the size of the number block that will fit with it. They systematically study the relationships between the separate number blocks that total 10. Children learn the ways of making 10 by gaining insight into that structure.

About the Method and Materials

Because of their integration of visual, tactile, and verbal stimuli, Stern Structural Arithmetic materials and activities give students of varying learning styles an early foundation in math skills.

Additionally, the Stern approach to math instruction is especially helpful for students who struggle to learn with the typical math curricula.

About the Instructor

Temple Ary is currently the chair of the Lower School Math Department at the Ramaz School. Daily, she teaches first and second graders and provides guidance in math instruction for teachers in the Early Childhood Program. She has been teaching students and teachers in math education for 25 years. Much of her work has been with children with special needs.

For additional information, contact Temple Ary at

Location, Cost, and Dates

Workshops will be held at:

Ramaz Middle School
125 East 85th Street
New York, NY 10025

The school is located at 85th Street and Lexington Avenue, one block south of the 4, 5, and 6 subways.

Dates and times:

Monday June 27-Wednesday June 29, 2011; 9:00AM - Noon


The fee for the three days is $275

Registration form and brochure

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