Stern Structural Arithmetic is a comprehensive program for teaching the foundations of mathematics and number sense. Stern Math is a hands-on, multisensory approach to learning, where students actively discover math concepts and number patterns. Using colorful blocks representing the numbers one to ten, students begin to make connections from the concrete materials to the abstract representations through interactive lessons and engaging games.

The Stern Math curriculum is laid out in a careful developmental progression with concepts building upon one another. The organization of the math program is clear and logically developed through a step by step plan of experimentation, practice, and review that leads pupils from simple number concepts to a mastery of computation and problem solving.

An Interview at Columbia University Teachers College About Stern Math

Interview of Temple Ary by Herbert Ginsburg

Interview of Fred Stern by Herbert Ginsburg

  • Special thanks to Herbet Ginsburg for hosting and interviewing the Stern Math Team!

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