Teaching with the Materials

Concepts and Skills

  • Stern Math materials support the development of a strong number sense, an understanding of order and quantity, a firm grasp of the four operations and a fluency with facts. Each of these manipulatives can be used for several different teaching goals, thereby reinforcing and deepening understanding of concepts and their relationships.

  • Supports Common Core

    The Common Core standards put more of an emphasis than before on abstract reasoning and problem solving. Stern Structural Arithmetic provides the concrete representations needed to develop an understanding of the mathematical concepts, and to build a foundation for understanding the pictorial and abstract representations.

  • Resource for Students with Learning Differences and ESL Students

    Stern Structural Arithmetic has been extremely successful in teaching students with learning differences, children with language processing difficulties and children whose first language is not English. Most of the learning is done through direct tactile and visual experience and language is grounded in the concrete lessons. Each activity and game can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each learner.

  • A Supplement to Existing Mathematics Curricula

    Stern Structural Arithmetic can be taught as a stand-alone curriculum, or it can be easily adapted to supplement any curriculum currently being used. It can also be used by specialists, interventionists or tutors to help students solidify underlying foundational math concepts.

  • Interactive Homeschooling Method

    Stern Structural Arithmetic offers materials effective for parents of home-schooled children. The games provide a fun and efficient way for children to become excellent students of math with a strong sense of themselves as problem solvers.