Stern Math is a hands-on approach to learning, one where students actively participate. Students contribute to their own education and through an intuitive, guided system they develop a concrete, as well as, an abstract understanding of mathematical principles while having fun.

News & Updates

  • Stern Math workshops August 10th – 12th – in person! (Vaccination required – see below for details.) Learn to support your students’ development of number sense and understanding of the operations through the use of Stern Structural Arithmetic, a systematic, multi-sensory system that engages students in the discovery of fundamental mathematical principles. This interactive workshop series includes demonstrations of the Structural Arithmetic materials and activities, […] Read more →
  • Part 2: Stern Math training on Zoom We are pleased to announce part two of our Stern Math workshop series for teachers and parents on Zoom, led by Stern Math teacher trainer Temple Ary, M.Ed! Part 2: Three Saturdays May 15, 22; June 5 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST $200 total for 9 hours of instruction Session 1 – Multiplication and Telling Time Session […] Read more →

More Stern Math news and updates...

  • Using two puppets, Mr. No and Mr. Yes, Catherine Stern playfully teaches children to shake hands.
  • Mr. Yes shakes hands. But Mr. No refuses! Catherine Stern playfully teaches the children to shake hands.
  • Children use the Number Track 1-20 to figure out what pairs with 16 to add up to 20.
  • Catherine Stern teaches numbers 1 to 10 using an early version of the Counting Board without the symbol guide. She invented the symbol guide a few years later.
  • Children use the Number Track 1-20 to figure out what pairs with 12 to add up to 20.
  • Teacher works with children using the Counting Board.
  • A child at Castle School in 1950, placing the 7-block into the early version of the Counting Board.
  • Catherine Stern teaching with the Pattern Boards 1950 at Castle School which she set up and ran with Peggy Bassett Stern and Toni Gould. To the left of Catherine is her grandson, Fred Stern.
  • Child uses the Dual Board to show 47.
"I believe, that her (Catherine Stern's) idea is sound and would be of real value in the teaching of the elements of arithmetic."
—Professor Albert Einstein